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Appointment of Chief Secretary and IG unconstitutional; KPK Finance Minister

KPK finance minister has stated that the appointment of chief minister and IG by the federal government is unconstitutional.
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The KPK finance minister Taimor Khan Jhagra has stated that it a great example of how devolution, despite the 18th amendment, is devolution in name in many respects. Why should the fed govt appoint IGs & CSs in provinces? These positions being reserved for federal officers create potential conflicts of interest. Our entire governance system is riddled with such conflicts & anomalies. Secretaries don’t report to ministers but to the CS. The centre wants to dictate the most important administrative positions in provinces. There is no correlation between performance & reward.

The governance system that doesn’t work also has a de-facto veto on any changes to the system! Until these basic changes are made to fix anomalies in every rule & principle of good management, driving change will always be three times as hard as it should be. This is not meant to target any one group. The truth is; every institution, politician, bureaucracy, judiciary, and the military has played a part in creating a dysfunctional governance system. And every institution has many outstanding individuals.

The posts of Chief Secretary and IG are purely provincial posts as Provincial assemblies legislate these. The posts have provincial executive, financial and legislative authority. Constitutionally, only the provincial government and assembly can exercise constitutional control on these posts. Article 240(b) of the constitution empowers the provincial assembly to legislate the positions of chief secretary and IG. Subsequently, rules of business and provincial civil servants acts of the provinces ensure the complete authority of the provinces. However, the federal government is posting federal officers on these posts without constitutional authority. They do it out of colonial practice and an agreement. Then, provincial services claim that the agreement was never done and the whole system is a fraud. For read in detail;

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