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Appointment of Chief Secretary & IG Punjab unconstitutional: President AOAF

The President, Association of Administrative Federalism regrets that the appointment of CS and IG by the Federal government is unconstitutional.
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Appointment of Chief Secretary & IG Punjab unconstitutional: President AOAF

The federal government has notified the appointment of Mr Abdullah Khan Sumbal as the Chief Secretary of Punjab, vide notification No. PF(734) E-5 (PAS) dated 21st December, 2022.

Furthermore, the federal government has also notified the appointment of Mr Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar as the Inspector general of Police, Punjab, vide notification No F.No 12(9) 91-E-3 (Police) dated 21st December 2022.

However, the president of the Association of administrative federalism, Pakistan, has regretted the appointments as unconstitutional. He contends that the posts of chief secretary and IG are provincial and fall under the constitutional authority of a province. Article 240(b) of the constitution is evident in this regard. The federal government’s practice of appointing a chief secretary and IG is a constitutional breach. How can a colonial practice through an agreement violate the substantive part of the constitution? He further asserts that Pakistan is a federal state and provinces are autonomous in their affairs after the promulgation of the 18th amendment. These two appointments mean to control the provinces from the centre.
Amid constitutional crises in the province of Punjab, the governor, chief secretary, and IG are all federal representatives on provincial affairs. How can the centre control a province like this in any federation in the world? He adds that Pakistan is constitutionally a federation but practically a unitary state. It is a complete negation of provincial autonomy and the 18th amendment. If the constitution is not implementable, why should the state keep it?

Critics attribute that the federal government’s positioning of the CS and IG shows their intent to control the provinces if the existing provincial government resigns. It further proves that the centre controls Pakistan through eight federal officers. It is the negation of the constitutional autonomy of the provinces. Provinces shall only perform once they get their autonomy. How can the federation control the provinces through their federal employees?

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