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Battle-ready jets take on China

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Three mighty nations, United States, Britain and Australia, conducted a joint aerial performance over Nevada’s desert and beyond on Wednesday. The air drills aimed to train for high-stakes combat operations against Chinese fighter planes and air defenses, putting their skills to the test.

A Reuters reporter joined British forces for hours during the U.S-led, three-week-long Red Flag exercises on board Britain’s KC-2 Voyager refueling tanker. The aircraft served as a floating gas station in the skies, supplying fuel for the U.S and British fighter jets during their simulated mission.

The commander of the 414th Combat Training Squadron, U.S Air Force Colonel Jared J. Hutchinson, ensured that the annual exercises had no link to recent events. He emphasized that these drills help prepare for any challenge, especially China, as the focus was to tackle the vast distances that the trio of nations would face while operating across the Pacific and to enhance inter-operability between their air forces.

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