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Care Taker Government Punjab Obstruct the Entry of PTI Workers at Minar e Pakistan

Care Taker Government Punjab is obstructing the Entry of PTI Workers at Minar e Pakistan rally. It is a violation of article 16 read with other laws.
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Federal and Care Taker Government obstruct PTI rally at Minar e Pakistan

PTI has announced a rally at Minar e Pakistan on the 25th of March after Isha prayers. Notably, the district administration in Lahore has allowed the holding of the public rally. Article 16 of the constitution allows citizens and political parties to hold peaceful rallies. However, against constitutional and democratic rights, the district administration, under the aegis of the caretaker government of Punjab and the federation, is halting the free flow of entry of the people.

According to reporters of republicpolicy.com, the entry and exit points of Lahore have been blocked while trucks and containers are in place. Then, all roads leading to Minar e Pakistan are also closed. It is creating a mess for the general public and obstructing PTI workers’ flow.

Apparently, the PDM government has full control over the caretaker government, Punjab. Furthermore, Federal Government is also controlling the affairs of Punjab through the federal chief secretary and IG. However, Imran Khan and PTI leaders are hopeful that the public rally shall break all previous records. Furthermore, Azam Sawati, has informed that all roads shall be open, as he had a successful meeting with CCP Lahore.

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