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Care Taker Set Up in Punjab Continue to Appoint Bureaucrats Objected by PTI in Election Commission of Pakistan

Care Taker government is choosing most of federal PAS officers than PMS officers. It shows that the federal government has control on provincial affairs through chief secretary.
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Earlier, PTI filed a written representation to the office of Election Commissioner, indicating various DMG and PMS officers whom they think are partisan and not neutral. However, their petition with the election commissioner seems to have no effect on the care taker government which continue to post officers on significant posts.

Latest, the care taker set up transferred the commissioners and appointed new commissioners in a bid to hold fair and transparent elections.

The newly appointed commissioners, Muhammad Ali Randhawa and Aamer Khattak, are the officers who were objected by the PTI when they filed their list to the election commission of Pakistan.

Earlier, the care taker set up had given the additional charge of additional chief secretary Home Department to ahmad raza sarwar, whom PTI believes a controversial person.

It is pertinent to mention that the care taker setup is posting most of the federal civil servants PAS on these important positions than posting PMS officers as latter are the provincial employees. It suggest, that the federal government is controlling the affairs of the provincial care taker setup through chief secretary.

However, the secretaries, deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners are yet to be transferred. Lets see how it unfolds and most importantly, whether the care taker setup or the bureaucracy can hold free and transparent elections.

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