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Critical Dissection of Faiz Hamid’s statement and the Faizabad sit-in commission

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The statement by former ISI chief Faiz Hamid regarding his role in the 2017 Faizabad sit-in raises several critical points and merits careful analysis:

1. Non-appearance and delayed response:

  • Hamid’s repeated non-appearance before the commission, despite three summons, raises questions about his transparency and willingness to cooperate with the investigation.
  • His eventual submission of a statement through a questionnaire, only after being sent a 21-point list, suggests a reluctance to fully engage and offer detailed information.

2. Denying allegations while claiming government orders:

  • Denying any conspiracy against the government seems contradictory to his stated claim that he held negotiations with the TLP on government directions.
  • This explanation raises further questions about the government’s role and the nature of the orders given to Hamid.
  • Did the government actively engage with the TLP, potentially bypassing established processes?

3. Impartiality and potential influence:

  • The commission’s ability to conduct a truly independent investigation could be questioned given its limited time frame (until January 22) and the high-profile individuals involved.
  • Concerns arise about potential political pressure and the possibility of influencing the commission’s findings.

4. Contextual complexities and open questions:

  • The statement only provides a fragmented view of a complex event.
  • The role of other actors, including the TLP leadership and various government officials, remains unclear.
  • Questions remain about the broader context, such as the political climate at the time and the motivations behind the sit-in.

5. Implications for future public protests and security:

  • The commission’s findings and recommendations will have significant implications for handling future public protests and the role of security agencies in such situations.
  • The need for clear guidelines and accountability mechanisms for both protesters and officials will be crucial in preventing similar situations.

Overall, Faiz Hamid’s statement raises more questions than answers and highlights the need for a thorough and transparent investigation by the Faizabad sit-in commission. Only through a comprehensive examination of all sides and a commitment to accountability can public trust be restored and future episodes be prevented.

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