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‘Daghabaaz Dil’ review: Momin Saqib’s jinn rescues the film from falling flat

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In a unique blend of genres, Wajahat Rauf’s Daghabaaz Dil weaves together the threads of family drama and the supernatural, capturing the essence of Eid entertainment. The film delves into the intricate love dynamics within a Pakistani family, with a focus on Zoya (Mehwish Hayat), a bride who uncovers her predestined marriage to her cousin Faris (Ali Rehman) amidst their families’ long-standing feud.

While the premise of Daghabaaz Dil holds promise for a thrilling ride, the film, co-written by Rauf and Mohsin Ali, stays grounded in its narrative. It could have ventured into more imaginative territories, especially with the introduction of a love-stricken jinn, but it manages to maintain a steady pace. 

For an Eid film, a genre Rauf has been devoted to in his past two ventures, the plot is formulaic masala. As usual, the quintessential spritz of melodrama, romance, comedy and action does not meld the various genre elements together. Instead, the film unfolds with a multi-conflict storyline where events are a succession of a half-baked diegesis, characters are one-dimensional, and emotions are meant less to be felt than to move the plot forward.

Beo Rana Zafar plays the grandmother with one simple desire: to see her family share a loving bond – she is also the mastermind behind romantic coupling. Babar Ali and Saleem Sheikh play Faris and Zoya’s fathers, respectively, two brothers whose greed for the family property is only outdone by their sister, who also wants her daughter wed to Faris. 

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