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If being progressive is wearing swimsuits on television, that’s culturally unacceptable: Atiqa Odho

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“I feel that if you are really pouring out your heart into your craft, there’s no end to the opportunities out there,” said actor Atiqa Odho in a Zoom interview with The Republicpolicy.com..

Since her first appearance on television in Sitara Aur Mehrunissa, Odho has managed to stay both relevant and graceful despite changing times and conventions. From her starring in various popular dramas such as Humsafar, Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, and Pardes, to her upcoming international debut in Turkish drama Koyu Beyaz, the veteran keeps on surprising people with her commitment to acting.

“I think I’ve been extremely blessed to play roles onscreen that I’ve always dreamt of,” relayed Odho while talking about her decades-long career in acting. “A true actor is never satisfied with their performance; I still struggle to do my best and I think that is how it should be, otherwise, you become bored with yourself.”

In order to keep challenging herself, the Pyar Ke Sadqay actor also recounted how she tries her best to choose diverse roles on television, but the efforts remain futile. “Sadly, repetition is not avoidable every time as uniquely written characters are lacking in scripts,” Odho added.

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