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Is Q league Achilles’ heel of Imran Khan?

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An Achilles’ heel is a flaw despite overall strength, which can lead to downfall. At the same time, the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability related to a Greek character—idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to decline or downfall despite owning a powerful position.

PTI formed an electoral alliance in the elections of 2018. Although PTI won the elections, it had to form partnerships to win the majority vote in national and Punjab assemblies. Then, It was essential making Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan. Therefore, PTI formed alliances to win the majority votes of the legislatures. Because the Q league had an electoral alliance with the PTI, it was morally obligated to support the PTI governments. Q league secured five national assembly seats and ten Punjab assembly seats. Then, these seats were crucial for the PTI to form governments in the national and Punjab assemblies.

PTI offered federal ministries to the Q league more than their share despite having an electoral alliance. PTI supporters claim that the Q league could not have won a single seat without the voters of PTI. Therefore, it was a moral obligation of the Q league to support the PTI governments without compensation. Then, the regime change episode put the Q league in a better bargaining position, and it played on both sides of the wicket. Since the oathtaking of the speakership, Pervez Elahi kept pressuring the PTI to be the Chief Minister, and he could have demanded so owing to the ten vital votes. Even in an interview, he called IK the Nappi kid of politics. It is like that once IK would have called him the biggest dacoit of the politics. Then, it is politics and marriages of inconvenience are the way forward.

The popularity of IK went soaring post-regime change. IK single-handedly won bye-elections to make Pervez Elahi the chief minister whom he resisted all the years. Then, it is politics. Here comes the primary question. Do the politics of Q league resemble the politics of PTI? Historically, Q league, alongside all the leadership, have been a puppet of the establishment since its creation. Their way of politics hinges on nepotism, friendship and adjustments than merit, transparency and law. Oppositely, at least to the narrative of IK, PTI represents change and merit. Hence, both sides fall apart. Then, both are partners. It is the worst commitment of PTI to its voters.

Elections are on the corner. Will PTI ally with the Q league despite all the popularity? The present government of Punjab represents nepotism, corruption and favoritism. It is not what IK trumpets in the rallies. There is no transparency, merit and excellence. It is a status quo all over. For this governance, did PTI supposedly lure its voters? If this is the governance of PTI, it means it is befooling the core PTI supporters. The PTI and Q league fall apart in their ideology. Little Q league have big political ambitions which are directly opposite to the sentiments of the PTI voters. Let’s wait to see how IK settles it! Then, currently, it seems that Q league is the Achilles heel of the IK.           

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