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Obsession for Civil Services

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There is a lust in power and the passion runs deep into both instincts and emotions. Civil services in Pakistan exert cultural and political authority alongside manipulating economic resources. The authority and manipulation of resources charm all and sundry especially the middle class. Civil services are the solitary possibility for the middle class to pass in into the power corridors of Pakistan.

1. Cultural power of civil Services
2. Political power of Civil Services
3. Administrative powers of Civil Services
4. Inequal status of all professions
Challenges of the Civil Services. It is more than a trap.
1. Devouring the specialized Human Resource in Pakistan
2. Curtailing entrepreneurship, farming and other business in Pakistan
3. Curtailing other technological, scientific and other profession

Civil services reforms can change the culture. Colonial perks and prides to be set aside
1. Perks and privileges to be settled in favor of market salary.
2. Specialized services
3. Competitive vertical mobility

It is indispensable to restrict the charm of Civil Services and promote entrepreneurship, farming and business.

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