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Pakistan Day marked with zeal and enthusiasm globally

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Pakistan Day was celebrated with exuberance and nationalistic fervor across the globe, including the United Arab Emirates and United States, on Thursday.

The Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi hosted a splendid flag-raising ceremony to mark the occasion, which saw a massive turnout of Pakistani expatriates living in the UAE. The day of national significance was also commemorated in China and the United States.

At the event, messages from the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan were recited, and the students of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School presented patriotic tableaux on national songs, according to Emirates news agency Wam.

This year’s celebration of Pakistan Day was a momentous occasion, highlighting the nation’s unity and patriotism, as well as its contribution to the world. The Pakistani diaspora took pride in showcasing their culture and heritage while celebrating the country’s achievements and progress.

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