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Prince Harry gushes over his mother Princess Diana, wife Meghan Markle

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King Charles III’s younger son Prince Harry praised his mother, Princess Diana, for her efforts to “protect” him and his brother from the media in first episode of his and Meghan Markle ‘s Netflix documentary.

“My mum did such a good job in trying to protect us. She took it upon herself to basically confront these people,” says Harry The Duke of Sussex also  shared his fear of losing his wife, saying that he was ‘terrified’ Meghan Markle would be ‘driven away’ by the media.

“The same media that had driven so many different people away from me. I knew that the only way that this could possibly work was by keeping it quiet for as long as possible,” Prince Harry said. Harry also compared the Duchess to his late mother: “So much of what Meghan is, is so similar to my mum,’ he says. “She has the same compassion, same empathy, and the same confidence. She has this warmth about her.”

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