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Provincial Govts Responsible for Hike in Wheat Price

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There is a hue and cry countrywide about the unbearable increase in the flour prices but intrinsically the provincial governments are solely responsible for the pricey wheat flour, as around six months back they had announced to buy wheat at Rs800 and Rs18,00 per 40kg.

The Sindh government was the first to raise the slogan of increasing the wheat purchase rate from Rs22,00 to Rs4,000 per 40kg.

In order to grab votes from the growers, the Sindh govt increased the official wheat purchase price

to Rs18,00 per 40kg that was previously Rs22,00 per 40kg.

According to Iftikhar Manto, Chairman Pakistan Flour Mills Association, North Punjab, it was because of the Sindh government’s decision to increase the wheat purchase rate that its rates also registered an increase in the other provinces.

As a result of the Sindh government’s step, the KP and Punjab governments will also have to buy wheat at Rs3,500 and Rs4,000 per 40kg respectively in March, April and May next year.

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