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Putin slams West’s Russia agenda

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President Vladimir Putin framed the ongoing conflict with the West over Ukraine as a critical moment in the history of Russia. Putin asserted that the survival of Russia and its people was at stake in what he called an existential battle against the West. Putin also stated that he had to consider NATO’s nuclear capabilities in his actions regarding the situation.

Putin accused the West of wanting to break up the former Soviet Union, including the Russian Federation, in order to gain control over the world’s biggest producer of raw materials. He warned that such a move could lead to the destruction of many ethnic groups in Russia, including the ethnic Russian majority. Putin claimed that the West’s intentions were documented, although he did not specify where.

The West and NATO reject Putin’s narrative, insisting that they are supporting Ukraine in defending itself against an unprovoked attack. They deny any intention of dividing up Russia or controlling its resources.

The conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine continues to escalate, with no end in sight. As tensions rise, the stakes become higher for both sides.

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