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Running the affairs of KPK by the federal bureaucracy is unconstitutional

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By Noman Wazir – Running the affairs of KPK by the federal bureaucracy is unconstitutional

The president of association of administrative federalism Pakistan has stated that it is only the mandate of provincial politicians to run the affairs of a province. He highlighted a crucial conflict between federal PAS and all the political parties.

Let the province of KP be governed by Provincial Politicians and Provincial officers. Send the colonial PAS officers back to the federal Govt who are illegally posted in the provinces against the constitution and 18th amendment.

The present crisis in KP is very clear. No one should be confused. It’s a tussle between Federal PAS officers ( few and illegally posted ) and Political Executives. PTI has been exploited by PAS officers and now not allowing any space to PDM. It’s all the discretion of Govt to place anyone in any position as per law whether it’s AC, SO, DC, or secretary; yet given this peculiar situation of so-called post sharing of PAS and PMS where PAS is less in number, traditionally rule through guarding certain important positions esp the CS, ACS, Secretary Home, Secretary Finance and PS to CM, etc.

Again, even if the illegal reservation of provincial posts in 1993 is still here which is yet to be canceled and all PAS officers are sent back by the provincial Govts, still, it’s the discretion of the political executive to finalize posting and transfers. PAS officers have been misguiding the political executives and other quarters that there is a ratio between PAS and PMS while posting officers as DCs and secretaries which is wrong.

They have another tactic if the CS and PAS association post DCs and secretaries/ commissioners, they call it merit, and if the Political Executive post DC’s, they call it political interference. Hence even the PTI was blackmailed and political oversight compromised In the name of this so-called merit, hence the rule of PAS was ensured in the provinces and inexperienced kids were posted as DCs and inexperienced brutes as key secretaries.

All DC’s, Commissioners, and secretaries can be and should be from PMS if the Political Executive desire so instead of posting incapable PAS officers in the name of some self-created ratio meant to have a monopoly of PAS over the province. Everyone better sensitize the concerned quarters to “ First of all post-CS from provincial service and then Post all PMS being capable and lawful sons of the soil as DCs, Commissioners and the secretaries and surrender the federal PAS officers immediately to federal Govt as Pakistan has become a handicap in the hands of this erstwhile DMG cum PAS mafia “.

All Provincial Officers of all provinces will stand by the political parties to uphold the constitution and join the agitation against the PAS mafia.

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