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Russia Reports Heavy Losses in Ukrainian Assault on Black Sea Fleet

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Ukrainian forces have made notable progress in their offensive against Russia, successfully breaching the enemy’s defensive lines in the south, albeit at a measured pace, according to General Oleksandr Tarnavskiy, who is leading Kiev’s counteroffensive. He expressed the intention to secure further advances and emphasized the need to avoid slow progress during the winter months.

In an interview with a private news-agency broadcast on Friday, General Tarnavskiy stated, “We have achieved a breakthrough on the left flank near the village of Verbove, and we are continuing our advance.” He acknowledged that the advance was not as swift as portrayed in World War II movies but underscored the importance of maintaining this initiative.

These developments follow reports of heavy losses incurred by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, including casualties among its naval commanders, in an attack by Ukrainian forces in Crimea.

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