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“Saudi Arabia Takes Center Stage: A Peace Broker Extraordinaire”

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Saudi Arabia Takes Center Stage in Ukraine Peace Talks

In a significant development, Saudi Arabia is poised to play a crucial role in mediating peace talks for Ukraine next month, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The much-anticipated discussions are slated for August 5th and 6th in the city of Jeddah, aiming to rally global support for favorable peace conditions for Ukraine while keeping Russia out of the dialogue.

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A diverse array of high-ranking officials from approximately 30 countries, including Western powers, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, and Zambia, are expected to convene. While the exact number of attendees remains uncertain, confirmed participants include Britain, South Africa, Poland, and the European Union. Additionally, the United States’ national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, is anticipated to be present.

The peace talks come against the backdrop of Russia’s contentious annexation of certain regions of Ukraine. While the Kremlin has signaled openness to negotiations, it maintains that any discussions must acknowledge the “new realities” arising from its territorial claims. Conversely, Kyiv has taken a firm stance, insisting on negotiations with Russia only after a complete withdrawal of Russian troops.

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The primary objective of these talks is to garner international backing for peace terms that favor Ukraine, potentially paving the way for resolving the ongoing conflict. Saudi Arabia, as the mediator, seeks to bring together a diverse group of nations, fostering a conducive environment for finding common ground and exploring viable solutions to the crisis.

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