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Senator urges Pakistan to review policy towards Afghanistan

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Farooq H Naek, while expressing reservation about the attack on the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, called Islamabad to review its policy towards Afghanistan.

The senator expressed his reservations during a briefing given by Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed on the attack on the Pakistan embassy in Kabul. The secretary informed the Senate committee that Afghanistan had conveyed to Pakistan that they had arrested one sniper involved in the recent assassination attempt on the Pakistani envoy in Kabul and an investigation into the incident was underway.

Majeed said the Pakistani envoy was walking in the embassy yard when he came under attack. He explained that eight sniper shots and 100 rounds of bullets were fired from the eighth floor of a building that is close to 100 metres from the embassy.

However, Senator Naek expressed reservations about the attack and said there was a dire need for Pakistan to revisit its policy towards Afghanistan.

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