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WHO Debunks Sweet Illusions: Non-Sugar Sweeteners Fail to Deliver Lasting Results

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In a recent update, the World Health Organization (WHO) has cautioned against relying on sugar substitutes for shedding pounds or mitigating the risk of diet-related illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

According to the WHO’s latest guidance unveiled on May 15, an examination of available data indicates that the use of non-sugar sweeteners “does not yield any long-term advantage in reducing body fat among adults or children.”Don’t Count on Non-Sugar Sweeteners for Lasting Weight LossBased on randomized controlled trials included in the analysis, it was observed that while non-sugar sweeteners may aid in short-term weight loss, the effects are not sustainable.

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Moreover, the review points out the possibility of “potential undesirable effects” associated with prolonged consumption of non-sugar sweeteners, including an increased likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and mortality in adults.Non-sugar sweeteners are commonly found in beverages and prepackaged foods, serving as an ingredient.

Additionally, individuals have the option to incorporate them into their own food and drinks.In 2015, the WHO issued guidelines on sugar intake, urging adults and children to limit their daily consumption of added sugars to below 10% of their total energy intake. Since then, the interest in non-sugar sweeteners has grown, as highlighted in the recent review.

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