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Will the dissolution of Provincial assemblies ensure early elections?

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to dissolve the Provincial assemblies. While addressing the culmination of the long march, IK categorically announced to resign from the Provincial assemblies to ensure early elections.

In Pakistan, direct elections are held on a total of 859 seats, as a result of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s resignations, 123 seats in the National Assembly, 297 seats in the Punjab Assembly, 115 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 26 seats in Sindh Assembly and two seats in Balochistan i.e. a total of 563 seats will be vacant.

However, the former Prime minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi has reaffirmed that elections will be held on the due date in 2023. Other stalwarts of PDM are also attributing that elections will be held on due course of time.

Now, most important question is will the resignations of PTI bring in the new elections? It is significant to understand that resignations will affect only two legislatures that of Punjab assembly and KPK assembly. In other provinces and federal government, PDM is in a comfortable position. Therefore , can existing dispensation of PDM work in Pakistan? it seems that PDM will not be bothered by this resignation. Because, they can run the country with two care taker governments. Then, IK and PTI have played their last card and they will not let PDM governments to function at will.

However, politically, resignations from assemblies have never been successful ploy. Now, it all depends upon PDM to make a final decision. In a democracy where ethics, law and norms are not strong, the power reigns the supreme. Then, it is not in the interest of PDM to go for early elections. Can IK and PTI ensure early elections even after resignations from provincial assemblies? Nation has to wait for it. However, it may not be the ideal pressure tactic from IK and PTI.

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