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Won’t waste even a minute to dissolve assembly if so desired by Imran: Parvez Elahi

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LAHORE     –   Expressing his allegiance to the PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi Sunday said that the Punjab government was the trust of Imran Khan and will be returned to him as and when desired. “Whenever Im­ran Khan asks me to dissolve the Punjab Assembly, I will not delay even for a half minute to do the needful”.

Talking about his family’s po­litical norms, the chief minister said: “We are highly respect­able and courteous people and do not desert a person once we chose to side with him”. 

Ch Parvez Elahi believed that Imran Khan’s political strategy will work well and the fake al­liance of the PDM will set apart soon. The CM was confident that the federal government will crumble down after the PTI and the PML-Q legislators quit the assemblies.

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