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A Monumental Work

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By Kashif Manzoor

History of The Qur’an by Dr. Shahzad Salim

The researcher (author) has highlighted the need for a new inquiry into the Qur’an collection and transmission history. His research proves that the last Scripture has been transmitted to us as it was revealed to the last Prophet(saw) as per the most factual claim of the Almighty:

بل ھو قران مجید۔فی لوح محفوظ۔

In the light of nearly all historical records available, he has sifted meticulously and thus analytically concluded/ proved that the Companions transmitted the reading of the final arrangement of the Quran to the next generation through their perpetual concurrence and consensus. The nature of this transmission is such that it has rendered the Quran safe and secure to be regarded as the replica of what was revealed to Muhammad (saw) fourteen centuries ago.

Why this study?

In a research work spanning a little less than 1300 Pp and a result of the most arduous labour of love of 18 long years, the author has stated that the need to revisit and synthesise this history emanated from the feeling that three main flaws marred previous works:
1stly, seldom was this history based on account of the Quran itself on its collection and compiled based on reports found in Akhbar e Ahead.

2ndly, tools of historical criticism have only sometimes been fully employed to evaluate the content acquired.

the readings of the Quran transmitted by tentative means have been regarded as acceptable alongside its reading transmitted by certain means against the verdict of the Quran itself.

As many as 17 narratives found in Hadith and historical books have been
analysed starting from Ansaar’s four people collection to the collections of Mushaf by Hazrat Abu Baker, Uthman, and Ali up to the narratives of revelations of the Quran on seven Ahruf as well as seven canonical readings.

The writer believes that all traditional interpretations of these narratives were found unconvincing to him as per his research, so he interpreted afresh; hence this study makes him a scholar of the Quran.

The researcher/author has critically n thoroughly analysed the (life n) works of some prominent scholars of the Quran, like
Hamid al Din al Farahi d.1930..
Abd al Latif Rahman d.1959
Tamanna Imadi d.1972
Abu al Qasim Musawi al Khui d.1992..


A summary of radical views of some western scholars/orientalists on the Quran collection has also been taken into account; however, those who don’t accept the Muslim scholars/historians’ narratives or reject them have been excluded.

These include,
Alphonso Mingana d.1937
Gunter Luling, d.2014
Yehuda Never d.1992
John Burton d.2001
Paul Casanova d.1926..
Goldziher, Schacht,
Nabia Abbot and Noldeke etc. Some of the opinions of these western scholars are taken into account. Still, the critical analysis of all their views has been left for future study. It may be beyond the scope of the present research.

Indeed this book encapsulates almost all the records about the history of the Final Scripture of God. It establishes its authenticity using the best means of logic, modern RM(research methodology), new insights/ discoveries development of present-day best available skills and tools.
This study proves the divine claim that.
انا نحن نزلنا الذکر وانا لہ لحافظون

Kashif Manzoor.

(Some chapters of this study were accepted by a distinguished UK University to be qualified for the award of a doctorate)

The writer is a researcher.

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