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Amir sees two options for Pakistan amid Asia Cup, World Cup deadlock

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Previously, the chairman of PCB, Najam Sethi, has forewarned India subtly that Pakistan shall boycott the World Cup if India doesn’t visit us for Asia Cup and try to snatch our hosting rights without any logical reasoning.
With each passing day, tensions between Pakistan and India regarding Asia Cup are piling and riling as both parties are not ready to bow down – Pakistan relatively, India maybe not.
Former cricketer Muhammad Amir, while talking on his YouTube channel, stated that there are only two ways to go about this whole fiasco. Either Pakistan will end up agreeing to play the World Cup in India and, if they don’t, let the national players play whatever they want in that time window. “If the board wants to go to India, they have to play Asia Cup anywhere, without any choices. If they [board management] have decided, ‘ no, we aren’t going for World Cup, no matter what.’ Then they are supposed to take a back seat and let the boys play wherever and whatever they want, for instance, CPL or The Hundred, during that period, i.e., August or September. Players also have county contracts, so they can play freely without any strict national commitments,” Amir said.
They kept in mind that the BCCI had already rejected the idea of sending their team to Pakistan for this year’s Asia Cup, insisting that the entire event be conducted in a neutral location.

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