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Baluchistan Proving a Death Bed for Punjabis

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Armed Men Kidnap 10 Punjabi People, Including Customs Officer, Near Shaban Picnic Point

In a disturbing incident, unknown armed men abducted at least ten individuals, including a customs officer, from the picturesque Shaban picnic point on the outskirts of the provincial capital. The incident occurred on Thursday, leaving the community in shock and prompting security forces to launch an investigation.

Here are the critical details:

Picnic Gathering and Identity Checks:

  • A large group of people had gathered at the Shaban area for a picnic.
  • Armed men encircled the mountains and began scrutinizing the national identity cards of the picnickers.
  • They singled out 14 individuals whose identity cards indicated addresses in Punjab.

Kidnapping and Release:

  • The armed men forcibly took away the 10 individuals with Punjab addresses to an undisclosed location.
  • An eyewitness reported that four individuals were later released, but the remaining ten were still held captive.
  • Among the kidnapped victims was a customs official who had also joined the picnic.

Security Response:

  • Security forces swiftly responded to the incident.
  • A search operation was launched in the nearby mountainous area to locate the kidnappers.
  • At least six suspects were apprehended for interrogation.

The claim of Responsibility:

  • The banned Baloch Liberation Army claimed Responsibility for the kidnapping.
  • According to their spokesman, the operation was carried out by their Fateh squad.

    The situation remains tense as authorities work to secure the release of the abducted individuals and bring the perpetrators to justice. The motive behind the kidnapping and the fate of the victims remain uncertain, adding to the urgency of the ongoing investigation.

    Source: Local News Report, June 21, 2024.

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