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Civil servants take pride in Hazim Bangwar: The Viral Fashionable Assistant Commissioner

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Desk – Civil servants take pride in Hazim Bangwar: The Viral Fashionable Assistant Commissioner

One must have seen the viral fashionable pictures of Hazim Bangwar, the assistant commissioner of Nazim Abad. Then, one would have also commented as per ones freedom of expression, but the civil services take pride in the officer and call his life style , his personal choice of life. The civil servants across Pakistan fully support his freedom of life as a fundamental human right.

Hazim is a PMS officer , belonging to first PMS batch of Sindh Government. His batchmates regard him a competent officer & and a sympathetic human being. However, a common person may be curious to know him?

Who is this suddenly viral, fashionable and cool dude?

His name is Hazim Bangwar. Hazim Bangwar was born on December 30, 1993 in Karachi. His mother Feroze Akbar hails from Iraq and is an architect by profession and his father, Ali Akbar Bangwar served as D.I.G Police in Pakistan.
He grew up in New York. He took first degree in fashion designing and marketing from AIU London and later did LLB from London.

He is also fond of writing and has written songs for
Jessie J, Future, Ciara, Joelz, T-Pain, Jason Derulo, Pitbull, and Nicki Minaj.

He released his debut single “Haram” in November 2019 which peaked from #5 to #1 in South Korea, Hungary, Egypt and India etc. within a week.
Hazim became the first Pakistani singer to reach international charts with an English song. He sang two more songs after that.

After this fame, Hazim became the face of three big companies as an ambassador. In addition, he also runs a charity organization in Pakistan called Hazim Foundation.
In one of his interviews, he was telling that whenever he would come to Pakistan, he was advised that the country was not suitable for him to live in, so he should go back. But on the contrary, he stayed here and passed the competitive exam. He became a part of the bureaucracy & want to serve the people in Pakistan.

Currently he is serving as Assistant Commissioner in Karachi.

In our society, such a person who is so confident and successful is valuable. Living a life on your own terms without fear shows how strong a person is from within. Civil servants across Pakistan & especially his batchmates feel pride in the multiple talents, the man has. They further say that such people are very compassionate, strong, intelligent and kind.

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