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Dubai Shoots for the Stars: Plans £4 Billion Moon Replica Atop Skyscraper

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Dubai, renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, aims to unveil its colossal replica of the moon, with an estimated price tag exceeding £4 billion.As reported by The Mirror, a Dubai resort is set to construct an artificial moon atop a towering skyscraper.The visionary behind this grand endeavor is Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson, who co-founded the project. Henderson envisions the moon perched atop a 30-meter structure, spanning an impressive 274 meters in length.The ambitious undertaking, aptly named “Moon,” promises to offer an otherworldly experience, simulating a visit to the celestial satellite while firmly planted on Earth.Anticipating an annual influx of over 2.5 million visitors, the faux moon endeavors to generate a staggering revenue of more than £1.5 billion per year.The venture, projected to cost £4.28 billion, will be financially supported by Moon World Resorts.

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“We possess the world’s most prominent ‘brand.’ Our name resonates with eight billion individuals, and our journey has yet to commence,” expressed Henderson with unwavering confidence.

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