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Educate Afghan Girls; A Voice by a Young Pakistani Female Student

The international community must ensure that the females in Afghanistan receive their fundamental right to education.
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A student blog by Maryana Khan

Educate Afghan Girls; A Voice by a Young Pakistani Female Student

It is universal that no life on planet “earth” is possible without food, water and oxygen. Similarly, people around the globe agree on the fact, too, that no progress is possible without education. The international community is well aware of the significance of education. So, they not only accepted it as a means of life transformation, but they also extended it to their citizens. The triumphs of education-focused nations have always been witnessed. When we talk education of a nation, it means the education of males and females.

In the modern age, when education is considered an unrivalled power and source to gain financial independence and enables one to facilitate themselves with basic living necessities, education is more a
need than leisure. The more the state wants to progress, the more it needs to invest in education. Thus, investment benefits the state in multiple ways: from an indicator of poverty reduction to a just and empowered society.
In developed countries, gender equality is nearly achieved. The problems faced by third-world countries where gender discrimination is still a norm have led to difficulty in women’s approach to educational institutions. Young women’s access to quality education must be ensured. In such a time, when the importance of education is an unchallenged reality, the uprising of any group who claim women to be principally women, wives and daughters than independent citizens and give the authority of their bodies to men by referring it to family values is nothing but despotism. The secret to the nation’s prosperity is women’s access to education and equality, their participation in society and the political sphere.
The oligarchic setup in Afghanistan by the Taliban denies women freedom, liberty, and dignity. They also have shown hostility to women’s education. Earlier in March 2022, the Afghan government
vetoed Afghan women’s right to higher education which was followed by the closure of university education in late December 2022. This action of the Taliban has devastated and infuriated women not only in Afghanistan
but throughout the globe. It has also triggered protests in Afghanistan, in which male students of universities also participated.

One can easily imagine how hazardous the consequences of women’s inaccessibility to education would be. International organizations have condemned this brutal act of the Taliban. On March 24, 2022, UN Human Rights Expert criticized the process, saying: ‘This decision must be reversed immediately, And girls of all ages in every part of Afghanistan should be allowed to return to their classes safely!’

UN on December 21 also directed immediate re-opening of universities. Acting Higher Education Minister, Nida Muhammad Naeem, responded to black lash and called women’s education unIslamic and non-cultural. In contrast, the Taliban have always misused Islam for their wicked thoughts. Islam has directed everyone to learn, “Can those who know and those who won’t be alike? So only do the wise receive admonition(Al Zumar).”
The verse needs to clarify that only wise men should receive an appraisal. Islam has called the illiterate blind. So how can it support this cause? Isn’t it worth thinking about? The setback of 50% population isn’t only an alarming matter for the concerned gender; it’s the nation’s social, political, economic, medical and literacy problems. The cause was widely taken by international communities and liberal and feminist organizations, but no proper actions have been performed; instead, tweets and statements have been issued for no good.

The globalized world is well aware of the situation in Afghanistan, yet only silence can be heard. Neither Western nor any Islamic country has denounced a move barring Afghan women’s education. The problem
doesn’t belong to liberals; only conservatives and liberals should develop a consensus on the issue and the sensitivity of the cause. Women have always been targeted, but the Taliban ensure no stone is left unturned to bow down the rights of females in Afghanistan.
I’m sure the international community will take notice of this severe and threatening move of the Taliban towards this already war zone territory. Regardless of state ideology, population access to education or their basic rights is un compromisable.

Afghan women’s dreams are dying, and no ray of hope can be seen. They still are surviving and fighting the fascist and inhumane Taliban. The international community must encourage the Taliban regime to undo their decision. The government of Pakistan can play its role in convincing Afghan Taliban to realize the actual teaching of Islam and allow female education. The Islamic world should also convince the Taliban that this decision is creating a bad image of Islam, and they must follow the true spirit of Islam regarding the education of women.

The writer Maryana Khan is a student of BS 3rd in the Department of International Relations. She can be
contacted through her Email:

7 thoughts on “Educate Afghan Girls; A Voice by a Young Pakistani Female Student”

  1. Sayeda muskan shah

    Nice writing, Its clearly the social injustice In education and to make it just, afghans have to focus on inclusion ,advocacy and reciprocal community Relationships…

  2. One of the most concise and thoughtful writing which shows your tones and expressions at perfect times.Can perfectly see the determination in your writing. More power to you gurl. Enlighten us with more.

  3. Good writing,All the education requirements and difficulties are cover in this piece of writing,hoping for betterment and need more voice raising like this👍🏽

  4. Muhammad Zakria

    The international community must continue efforts to protect the rights of Afghan women and girls as the new government turns its back on promises of reform.

    Keep it up 🙌

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