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Ending the threat of a fuel catastrophe once and for all

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ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a statement on recent reports of a petrol and fuel scarcity in the country. OGRA Spokesperson Imran Ghaznavi stated on Twitter on Sunday that there is “ample quantity of fuel and diesel” in the nation. “The OGRA categorically dismisses allegations of a fuel and diesel scarcity in the country.”

“Sufficient inventories of fuel and diesel are available around the country,” he continued. The OGRA emphatically refutes claims of petrol/diesel shortages. The country’s available inventories are sufficient for 17 days of gasoline and 32 days of diesel.”

Another 80,000 metric tonnes of petrol ships and 90,000 metric tonnes of diesel ships are at berth/outer anchorage, according to the OGRA spokeswoman, and local refineries are fully operational, guaranteeing that demand for petroleum products is satisfied.

“Furthermore, ships carrying 80,000MT petrol (MS) and 90,000MT HSD (diesel) are at berth/outer anchorage,” he said in the Twitter thread. Local refineries are also active and contributing to the demand for petroleum products.”

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