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Formalization of Diplomatic Ties Between Pakistan and Saint Lucia

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In a modest ceremony at the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations, the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and the Caribbean Island country, Saint Lucia, were officially formalized. The envoys from both nations, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Munir Akram and his Saint Lucian counterpart, Ambassador Menissa Rambally, participated in the signing of the joint communiqué to mark this significant development.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Akram expressed his delight at being part of this historic event between the two nations, united by a shared love for cricket and a mutual commitment to international cooperation. Ambassador Rambally also conveyed her pleasure at the inauguration of a new and meaningful chapter in the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Saint Lucia, emphasizing the common ground they share in their passion for cricket and their dedication to fostering strong diplomatic ties.

Furthermore, Ambassador Akram highlighted the ongoing cooperation between Pakistan and St Lucia at multilateral forums, including the Commonwealth. He emphasized that the formalization of diplomatic relations not only provides a foundation to enhance bilateral ties but also opens up exciting possibilities for future collaboration in various areas such as trade, commerce, political cooperation, and tourism, instilling a sense of optimism in the audience.

Ambassador Akram also underscored the mutual passion for cricket shared by the people of Pakistan and St Lucia. He expressed his belief that the establishment of diplomatic relations would create opportunities for a mutually beneficial relationship, particularly in the realms of tourism and people-to-people bonds.

In her remarks, Ambassador Rambally expressed gratitude to her Pakistani counterpart for hosting the ceremony and acknowledged the valuable insights she gained from him. She humbly received the commendations from the Pakistani UN envoy and highlighted the already wonderful relationship between Pakistan and Saint Lucia, while also emphasizing the potential for further collaboration with the formalization of diplomatic ties.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN Ambassador Usman Jadoon, officers of the Pakistan Mission, and a delegate from the Permanent Mission of Saint Lucia, signifying the mutual commitment to strengthening and nurturing the newly formalized diplomatic relations.

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