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National curriculum for grades 9-12 being reviewed by provinces

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Caretaker Minister for Federal Education Madad Ali Sindhi was briefed on Thursday that curriculum standards for grades 9 to 12 were being reviewed by the provincial authorities before the issuance of final notifications.

The minister was given a detailed briefing on the National Curriculum Council (NCC) by NCC Director Dr Mariam Chughtai on the functions of the NCC in the post-18th Amendment scenario.

The minister was informed about the “agreement of provincial experts on national curriculum standards for grades 9-12, marking a monumental milestone” for Pakistan. He was told that for the first time in the country’s history, a core curriculum from grades 1-12 and early years has been signed off by subject experts from all provinces.

Standards for grades 1-8 and early years are already underway for implementation at varying levels in all provinces across the country, while for grades 9-12, the curriculum is being reviewed at provincial levels before being notified.

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