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New Years Resolutions for Pakistan

The fundamental challenges of 2023 are political stability and economic revival. The elections in 2023 shall be the most significant factor.
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Muammad Bilawal Kamran

The year has passed, and the year was one of the most challenging years in the history of Pakistan. It would not be wrong to express that 2022 was a year of bitterness, anger, and diverse narratives.

In 2022, Pakistan had to endure a lot of distress and political anguish. Be it a change of government or flood disasters, IMF’s strict lending conditions or high inflation, electricity bills or the punishment of load-shedding, and each crisis has hit Pakistan’s economy and people alike.

The sun of the year 2022 fetched numerous tribulations for Pakistan. At the beginning of the year, the narratives of a change of government surfaced. The people and political leaders seemed unhappy with Imran Khan’s government. Corona epidemic and inflation were also said to be reasons for this. In its various statements, the government continued to hold the previous governments responsible for destroying the economy and rising inflation. The skyrocketing petrol prices also continue to wreak havoc on the country’s people. When the government was questioned about this, it used to cry about Corona and rising costs in the global market.

Taking political advantage of this period of inflation, 13 political parties unanimously formed a joint party PDM. It was decided among the PDM leaders that the government should be overthrown. The PDM jointly submitted a no-confidence motion against the then-prime minister in the National Assembly. Thus, they defeated the prime minister democratically in the country’s history for the first time.

The slogan of PDM was that they would eliminate the rising inflation in the country. Hence, Petrol, food and other commodities prices will be reduced. But this could not happen; the prices doubled instead of decreasing. The economy became more depressed. Due to the instability of governments in Pakistan, foreign countries also turned away from Pakistan. The IMF also imposed strict conditions for granting loans, and the people remained as they were.

The floods that started in June have already done the trick of destroying the infrastructure of the areas. Climate change is creating havoc in the country. The floods that began in June were the worst in Pakistani history. Floods caused massive destruction, and millions of people were displaced. Lands, livestock and crops were lost. Even now, the rehabilitation of flood-damaged people has not been possible without the support of national and international donors. This flood destroyed the Pakistani economy brick by brick and further fueled the fire.

At the end of 2022, terrorism has also started to rise again in Pakistan. Recently there was a bomb blast in Islamabad; fortunately, due to the timely action of the police, Islamabad was saved from a major disaster. In Bannu, the terrorists had captured the CTD centre, which cleared after a successful operation. Terrorists attacked a police station in Lakki Marwat, and some police personnel were martyred.

Political instability has been the hallmark of the year. The former prime minister-led movement created ripples across the country’s political landscape. The slogan of early elections was the central motif of the political campaign, and the whole year the political turmoil played havoc with the political stability in Pakistan. Therefore, the year 2022 has been the most challenging regarding Pakistan’s economy, political situation, terrorism and other issues.

However, there are new resolutions for the year 2023. The first resolution is political stability. That can only be achieved with a smooth political transition through transparent elections. Political stability shall follow better control of the economy. Pakistan needs a stable political system to wage a steady economic agenda. Pakistan is already on the verge of financial collapse as the foreign reserves are depleting to only six billion dollars. There is a need to finalize a program with IMF. However, the real solution for the economy is to grow and manufacture. All sectors of the economy, including agriculture, services, manufacturing and industry, need a reform process. Furthermore, civil service and administrative reforms are vital for good governance and service delivery. Political stability and revival of the economy are the biggest challenges for the year 2023 for the Pakistani state.

Lastly, the whole nation, particularly the youth of Pakistan, is disillusioned and disappointed. Their inspiration is critical for a functional society. Their political, administrative and economic interests are crucial for their involvement in state affairs and community. Let’s hope that the year 2023 brings political, administrative and financial corrections and reinvigorates the political stability and economy of the country.

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