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Pakistan Day parade shrinks due to economic crisis

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The Pakistan Army has announced that this year’s annual armed forces parade on Pakistan Day will be held on a limited scale as part of the government’s austerity drive to tackle the country’s economic crisis.

The military parade is held every year on March 23 to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940, which called for an independent country for Muslims in British-ruled India. The parade is a major event that showcases Pakistan’s military strength and cultural diversity, drawing thousands of spectators to the Shakarparian ground in Islamabad.

However, with the country facing a severe economic crisis characterized by a historic low in the rupee, dwindling foreign exchange reserves, and soaring inflation, the government has been implementing austerity measures to cut expenses and save money. In February, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif launched a massive austerity drive to reduce expenditures and save Rs200 billion annually.

In light of these financial challenges, sources have revealed that this year’s parade will be held at the President House instead of the traditional venue to reduce costs. The Pakistan Army has pledged to support the government’s austerity policy and contribute to the country’s development.

The decision to hold a limited parade is a testament to the Pakistan Army’s commitment to stand with the nation in difficult times and play its part in overcoming the economic crisis. While the parade may be scaled down this year, the spirit of patriotism and national pride that it represents will remain strong.

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