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Penn Badgley laughs off age gap in high school roles

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Actor Penn Badgley, renowned for his role as the charming but deadly Joe in Netflix’s hit series “You,” recently revealed in a WIRED Autocomplete interview that he believes he was too old to play high school characters in his earlier roles.

Badgley, now 36, admitted that he was “criminally old” to be portraying a high schooler in the 2010 romantic comedy film “Easy A,” where he starred alongside Emma Stone. During the film’s production, Badgley guessed he was “at least 22,” but he joked that he was “lifting more weights then.”

Despite feeling a little too mature for the role, Badgley spoke positively of his experience on the “Easy A” set. In a separate interview with Collider, he praised the writing of his character and described the film as a refreshing take on the high school comedy genre.

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