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Seek a Calling!

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By Muhammad Zunair

Do you mind if we start with an evocative thought?

Why certain people - with whatever they have - appear to be more happy and contented than most of those, who have more than what they had desired for?

There are no right or wrong answers. 

For some, the answer may lie in their innate ability to always look at the brighter side. However, for others, including me, their happiness has a lot to do with their understanding of life and whatever comes with it.

Let me rephrase: Happiness is a spiritual experience. So, don’t look for it within the materialistic bounds.

No, I am not one of those idealists who discard materialistic aspirations altogether but the thing is, all that comes in this particular domain is temporary and insufficient.

So, how can one actually achieve this state of utopia, where happiness is readily available and also in abundance?

Being passionate about something, my friends, is an experience we all must be looking for. Because it not only excites your inner being but also gifts you with this belief that happiness is a choice - conditional on our willingness to make it.

I mean, I am feeling great as I am writing this piece. I felt great even when I woke up today because I had these delightful thoughts that I could spend my day, doing what I love; exploring, learning, and writing.

So, is it the passion that precedes happiness?

Again, it’s a subjective answer but for me, yes. Passion is such an important tool that it can elevate the emotional being - residing within you - to unthinkable heights. Or it can bury your soul, in case you decide to not follow it.

Although the term has found a number of meanings in recent times, especially in this era of pop-stoicism and self-help utopia, yet the very essence of this particular word is still the same: a compelling, non-negotiable desire for someone or something.

So, look for your passion before it’s too late. Even if you’re not aware of what you’re looking for, keep looking. Sooner or later, you’ll find it. And once you have it, every word of this particular piece will resonate with you - especially with your passionate being.

Till then, seek a calling.

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