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Thank You Very Much: The Western Front Against Russia

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By: Abdullah Kamran – Tank You Very Much: The Western Front Against Russia

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The recent deployment of western tanks to support Ukraine may not signal the war’s end, but make no mistake; it’s a game-changer. These tanks, including the US’s M1 Abrams, Germany’s Leopard 2 and the UK’s Challenger 2, are significantly more potent than the Soviet-era T-72s currently used by Russian and Ukrainian forces. They boast greater mobility, lethal firepower, and stronger armour, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

But it’s not just about raw power; these tanks also have advanced control and navigation systems, allowing them to operate in joint manoeuvres with artillery and infantry, even at night, something the Russians can’t match. It’s a potential game-changer for Ukraine, as these tanks could break through Russian lines and control the shape of the conflict. It could also put Kyiv in a position to dictate ceasefire and peace terms with Moscow.

However, it’s important to note that there are still obstacles to overcome. Firstly, Ukraine has requested 300 tanks, while today’s announcements commit to fewer than 100. Secondly, logistics is a major concern as the tanks need to be transported to the front, and proper supply and maintenance lines must be established.

This is a significant moment in the Ukraine war and while it may not bring an immediate end to the conflict, it has the potential to shift the balance of power and change the course of the war. It’s a move worth watching closely.

Germany’s decision to provide military support to Ukraine marks a significant turning point in the ongoing conflict. Despite already being the largest European contributor to Ukraine’s defence, Germany’s commitment to sending tanks and armored vehicles demonstrates a newfound determination to defend Ukraine and push back against Russia. This is notable considering the factors that have traditionally led to German hesitation, such as maintaining alignment with the US, concerns about the country’s history of warfare, and anxiety over relations with Russia.

It is important to note that while Germany’s commitment remains limited, it signals a clear shift in the narrative of the conflict. This is now, more unequivocally, a war being fought by the Western powers to uphold Ukraine’s independence. It is not a war that the West has actively sought, nor is it one in which Ukraine serves solely as a proxy for Western interests. Rather, the objective is to aid in the liberation of Ukraine from invaders, with defensive measures being the primary focus.

The recent deployment of battle tanks by western nations in support of Ukraine highlights the ongoing discrepancy between the goals and tactics of Ukraine and its allies. This has been evident since the beginning of the war, with western nations being cautious to avoid escalating tensions and conflicting with Kyiv’s calls for a no-fly zone. The debate over the weapons and scale of support provided to Kyiv continues, with the deployment of tanks as the latest example.

It is clear that the attitudes of western nations have hardened, and they now agree that a crucial moment in the war has been reached. The deployment of tanks indicates a shift towards pushing for a Ukrainian victory. However, the uncertainty surrounding the number and logistics of the tanks deployed reflects ongoing political ambivalence.

In the future, the lack of alignment will likely become more prominent when considering the end of the war’s end, particularly Ukraine’s intentions to retake Crimea from Russia. The stance of the US administration, a crucial supporter of Ukraine, will be essential in determining the outcome. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, recently met with US officials in Washington, seeking support. While he has gained some of what he asked for, this has also placed more of Ukraine’s future in the hands of the US administration.

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