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UK government fails to block reporters’ relocation

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Eight Afghan scribes who contributed to the BBC and other UK media organizations received partial victory on Monday, after they won a legal battle against the UK government’s denial to shift them from Afghanistan.

The journalists’ advocates informed the High Court in London during December that all eight journalists, who are currently not residing in the UK, had collaborated “alongside and in support of the British government’s mission” in Afghanistan, putting them at a great danger of being targeted by the Taliban.

However, the government’s legal representatives disputed that none of the journalists met the eligibility criteria for relocation under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP) program.

Judge Peter Lane, in a written verdict, declared that the government’s decision was founded on erroneous grounds. He stated that the government had evaluated whether being employed by the BBC equated to being employed by the government, instead of evaluating whether the journalist was working in partnership, support, or in conjunction with a government department.

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