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Victoria Beckham goes Momager mode for son Cruz’s music career

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According to sources, Victoria Beckham is set to take on the role of manager for her son Cruz Beckham’s music career, following in the footsteps of Kris Jenner’s approach to her daughter’s careers and businesses.

The fashion mogul reportedly wants to prevent her 18-year-old son from making the same mistakes as his older brother Brooklyn Beckham, who has faced challenges in his career. “Vic has been holding Cruz back for years, as she feared he would get eaten alive by the business, and she’ll do anything to protect her kids,” the insider revealed.

Despite his longstanding desire to become a pop star since he was just five years old, Victoria and David Beckham delayed Cruz’s entry into the music industry, concerned about the challenges of fame and the pressures of the industry on young people. However, under Victoria’s guidance, Cruz is now ready to pursue his passion for music with strict supervision.

The music industry can be a tough place, and Victoria, who has first-hand experience, wants to shield her son from its pitfalls while helping him establish his career.

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