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Women’s Football Triumph: Pakistan shines in Saudi Arabia

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The FIFA-AFC delegation recently visited Pakistan to hold meetings with officials of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee and others. The PFF NC’s mandate is to put the game of football back on track in Pakistan, and it seems to be doing just that with the recent success of the national women’s football team.

The team, which hadn’t played a game in eight years, took part in the Four-Nations Tournament in Saudi Arabia and emerged as runners-up. This is a remarkable achievement considering that three foreign-based players were unable to play due to lack of Pakistani passports, an error on the part of the PFF NC. However, despite the success of the women’s team, the PFF NC has faced criticism for the delay in holding PFF elections.

It has been over six months since the PFF NC gave the government an eight-month deadline to hold elections, and the committee is yet to complete club registrations. FIFA and AFC officials have stated that elections remain their priority and have warned that further action will be decided by FIFA if the elections are not held soon.

It is clear that the sooner an elected set-up is installed, the better it will be for Pakistan football. The squabbles and delays in holding elections have been detrimental to the sport in the country and have prevented it from reaching its full potential. With the success of the women’s team and the promise of a new elected set-up, Pakistan football has a bright future ahead.

It is important to note that Pakistani women’s football team’s performance is an indication that when given opportunities and support, Pakistani women can excel in sports and bring pride and joy to the country. It is high time that the government and other stakeholders take notice of this fact and invest more in the women’s sports to bring more such achievements for the country.

In conclusion, while the PFF NC has faced criticism for the delay in holding elections, it is clear that their efforts have had a positive impact on the game of football in Pakistan. The success of the national women’s football team is a testament to this. It is now crucial that elections are held as soon as possible to ensure the continued progress and development of the sport in the country. As Pakistanis, we must support our team, and the federation to bring more glory and laurels for the country in the world of football.

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