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A brush with the law: Star Wars’ Anthony Daniels almost busted at Oscars

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Star Wars’ legendary C-3PO actor, Anthony Daniels, narrowly avoided being caught by police on Oscars night after exiting his droid suit and leaving the entrance badge of the award ceremony with his guard.

In his revealing book “I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story,” Daniels shared that he decided to go to the bar alone, leaving his personal guard behind to watch his belongings, including the “rather unsightly badge” he received. As he stepped out of the elevator, he was met with a fully armed police officer blocking his path.

Thinking he was a gate-crasher without his golden suit, the officer intended to arrest him, leaving Daniels envisioning his entire future flashing before his eyes. However, the officer’s attention was momentarily diverted elsewhere, giving Daniels the opportunity to escape and avoid an embarrassing fate of being handcuffed, fingerprinted, and imprisoned.

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