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Cultural Repatriation: US Hands Back 250 Artefacts to Italy

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In a significant gesture of cultural preservation, the United States has recently repatriated over 250 ancient artefacts to Italy, unraveling a tale of thievery and illegal trade. The art division of Italy’s police force unveiled a shocking narrative behind these precious pieces, revealing that they had been stolen and subsequently traded to American museums and private collectors during the 1990s.

This diverse collection of historical marvels encompasses a range of invaluable items such as pottery, paintings, sculptures, and even intricate mosaics, some tracing their origins back an astonishing 3,000 years. Representing a tapestry of historical epochs, these artefacts span from the Villanovan age to the majestic Etruscan civilization, further traversing the rich tapestry of the Magna Graecia period, and culminating in the grandeur of the Imperial Rome era.

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