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Imran says ‘hope lies with establishment’ in ending this ‘farce’

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the “hope lies with the courts and establishment” in ending this “farce” as law enforcement agencies made another push to enter the former prime minister’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore.
“It will [soon] be out of our hands… the kinds of actions that are taking place… the boys (workers) outside are not listening to me. When this anarchy and shelling occurs against them, they won’t listen to me anymore. I have no control over them now,” the PTI chief said in an address to workers via video link.
Hence, Imran said, the hope now laid with the judiciary and the establishment.
“And the second hope we are seeing is from the establishment of this country […] do you have an interest in Pakistan or not? … end the farce that is happening [and] think about the country. Do not work on this London plan. This country is heading towards destruction. It is my appeal to all of you to think of this country now.”

Imran’s remarks come as the stalemate between PTI supporters and security personnel continued for a second consecutive day today while the police and Rangers made a fresh attempt to arrest the ex-premier in connection with the Toshkhana case.
Television footage showed police shelling the protesters, baton charging and firing tear gas at them.
With LEAs at the entrance of his house, Imran asked what his crime was, saying, “never have we ever witnessed this … never have I ever seen such an attack on a political leader’s house”.
Imran stated that the case against him was being heard at the F8 Katcheri in Islamabad, where blasts have been reported in the past. “So many lawyers and judges have lost their lives.”
The Interior Ministry, he said, “has itself said that my life is in danger and yet again they are doing all this”.
“What did I want? All I had asked for was for the case to be transferred to a court with adequate security. But arrest warrants were issued for me. It is unprecedented that an ex-prime minister has been refused security and is being attacked.”
Imran claimed that not just shells, but bullets were being fired at his residence and called the chaos a “plan”.
“I was ready to go [to jail] and my bags were packed but my workers stopped me … they knew that ever since we were ousted, PTI leaders were subjected to custodial torture … and my workers feared the same for me.”
Imran also called on “those who call themselves neutral” and asked them why Rangers were sent to his house.

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