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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP Alliance Set to Win Majority, Exit Polls Suggest

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Exit polls conducted after the conclusion of the general election in India indicate a significant political shift. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is projected to secure an impressive majority in the lower house of parliament. Most exit polls predict that the NDA could win between 355 and 380 seats, surpassing the 272 seats needed for a simple majority. This outcome, if realized, could have a profound impact on the country’s political landscape and its future direction. It is also expected to have a positive impact on financial markets when they reopen on Monday.

The NDA, which won 353 seats in the 2019 general election, is anticipated to surpass its previous performance. According to six exit polls, the BJP-led NDA is likely to secure a clear majority, with projected seat numbers ranging from 359 to 392.

In contrast, the opposition INDIA alliance, led by Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party, is expected to win more than 120 seats, as per the exit poll surveys.

It’s important to note that exit polls in India, while providing a snapshot of public opinion, have a mixed track record, with past outcomes often proving inaccurate. Additionally, the opposition has raised concerns about the impartiality of the polls, accusing them of being in favour of the ruling government. These concerns have led to scepticism regarding the accuracy of the exit poll results. Therefore, it’s crucial to approach these projections with a degree of caution and await the official results.

The final results of the election are set to be announced on June 4, following the counting of votes by the Election Commission. Prime Minister Modi, while expressing confidence in the electorate’s support, refrained from directly addressing the exit poll predictions, emphasizing the government’s achievements and criticizing the opposition’s campaign strategies.

As the anticipation builds for the official election results, the political landscape in India remains dynamic, with both optimism and skepticism surrounding the projected outcomes of the exit polls.

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