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Pakistan demands UN peacekeepers be kept safe

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UNITED NATIONS: In light of recent assaults on United Nations peacekeepers, Pakistan has emphasised the need of safeguarding the safety and security of Blue Helmets working in hot regions throughout the world.

“Security Sector Reform (SSR) is crucial in creating the groundwork for long-term peace and preventing conflict recurrence,” said Aamir Khan, Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, during a meeting of the Group of Friends assessing the reform agenda.

Pakistan, he added, was “aware of the criticality of developing an effective security sector for successful transitions and prompt departure of the missions” as a significant troop provider to UN peacekeeping operations.

In this regard, the Pakistani envoy highlighted to the unfortunate death of six Pakistani troops in a helicopter accident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in March 2022 and urged for the perpetrators of this heinous murder to be brought to justice. He went on to say that mobilising more support and resources for peacekeepers was critical to restore peace and stability in crisis zones.

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