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PTI Rally Permit Cancelled by Islamabad Police, Legal Action Threatened

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The Islamabad Capital Territory police have announced the cancellation of the permit for a political party’s rally scheduled to take place on July 6, issuing a warning of legal action against anyone attempting to take the law into their hands. The rally, organized by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was set to be held in the Tarnol area of the federal capital as a power show.

The PTI leadership had expressed frustration with the federal government for delaying the issuance of a no-objection certificate for the event, declaring their intention to proceed with the public gathering regardless of permission. Despite the cancellation of the permit, PTI leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to holding the rally with the support of the public, under the slogan ‘Qaidi 804 ka Nara, Azadi Haq Hamara’.

The tension between the PTI and the authorities escalated when the police arrested PTI Islamabad region’s president, Amir Mughal, ahead of the planned power show. The police, in a social media post, emphasized that no assembly would be allowed without a permit and vowed to take legal action against anyone violating the law, asserting their commitment to ensuring the establishment of law and order in the city.

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In response to the police’s announcement, the PTI took to social media to remind its supporters about the Tarnol rally and called for a strong show of unity and support for their cause. Furthermore, they posted a video alleging that the police were dismantling installations at the rally site, condemning the use of police for what they deemed to be illegal actions and expressing determination that the rally would proceed as planned, despite the permit cancellation.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Omar Ayub, accused the administration of cancelling the permit out of fear and emphasized the party’s determination to hold the rally. He warned of taking legal action against the authorities for allegedly creating hurdles, reiterating the PTI’s commitment to proceeding with the rally despite the permit cancellation.

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