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Punjab Government Introduces Cleanliness Fees to Generate Revenue

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The Punjab government has recently unveiled plans to introduce a cleanliness fee aimed at generating approximately Rs68 billion in revenue from properties, including houses, shops, and large businesses throughout urban and rural areas of the province. This new initiative is part of the government’s effort to bolster funding for comprehensive cleaning and sanitation endeavors and effectively manage waste disposal systems across the region.

Following the approval of the proposals, property owners in urban areas will be subject to varying fees based on the size and type of their properties. For houses, the monthly fees are set at Rs300 for five-marla properties, Rs500 for 10-marla properties, Rs1,000 for 20-marla properties, Rs2,000 for houses ranging from 20-marla to one kanal, and Rs5,000 for properties exceeding 40 marla. Additionally, small businesses in urban areas will be taxed at Rs500 per month, medium businesses at Rs1,000 per month, and large businesses at Rs3,000 per month. Meanwhile, in rural areas, the fee structure for houses will be Rs200 per month for five and 10 marla properties and Rs400 per month for properties of 10 marla and above.

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The Punjab government has justified the imposition of these fees as necessary for funding the enhancement of cleanliness standards and the efficient management of waste disposal systems across the province. The substantial revenue generated from these fees is envisioned to play a pivotal role in maintaining high cleanliness standards and addressing waste management challenges effectively.

However, the government is yet to issue an official notification for the implementation of these new fees. Consequently, the timeline for commencing the collection of cleanliness fees remains to be determined.

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