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The Era of General Musharraf Ends: The History shall Decide the Fate

The lessons of history are always vital. It is not the power that determines the character of a person but the annals of history.
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The Era of Musharraf Ends: The History Shall Decide the Fate

Power manages all narratives, and only history decides the truth. Musharraf had been one of the most influential power brokers in Pakistan. His power emanated from the uniform and also from his enterprising personal skills. He was a shrewd, intelligent, canny general and Pakistan’s power head for almost a decade. His passing away means an end to an era of controversies and tribulations. Despite his personal traits, he will be remembered as a general who unconstitutionally took the reigns of powers from a democratic government.

General Musharraf had all the qualities except one; he was not a democratically elected head of the state of Pakistan. It was his Achilles’ heal. There are so many arguments in his favour and against; however, he shall always cover a decade in the history of Pakistan. Musharraf took over the power from the democratically elected government of Nawaz Sharif in 1999 when MNS was at his lowest ebb of popularity. However, he came to the fore of the international stage when he allied with the US in their war on terror against the backdrop of the 9/11 attacks. He also tried to introduce modernity in the cultural reclaims of the country while introducing electronic media houses and other reforms, especially that of the local government system. He would say enlightened moderation was the way forward for the society of Pakistan.

His sacking of the judiciary generated a sudden reaction against him. It is the beginning of an end. However, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto dipped his ever-losing popularity to the ground. The victory by PPPP and PMLN in the 2008 elections brought his political career to an end, and subsequently, he settled abroad and died in the UAE. Then, the judgement given by judges, including Saith Waqar, shall also remain part and parcel of the history of Pakistan. Despite all his un-democratic credentials, Musharraf was articulate and intelligent and would always present Pakistan internationally as a vociferous spokesperson. He managed better diplomacy, especially with India and other countries.

Nevertheless, he was a dictator, and he sidetracked the democracy in Pakistan. How he lived as a soldier and a political person? It will only be settled in the annals of history. Then, the lessons and scriptures of history are always ruthless and expose all and sundry.
Nevertheless, he died. Therefore, one should pray that ALLAH might bestow HIS blessings on the deceased!

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