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US State Department Affirms Its Support for Pakistan’s Economic Stability

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Thursday, the US State Department reaffirmed its support for Pakistan’s economic stabilization efforts. The department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, stated in a press briefing that the US supports Pakistan’s efforts to stabilize its economy, including reaching agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Miller also emphasized that the US support for Pakistan’s economic success is unwavering.

The comments by the US State Department came after the IMF executive board disbursed $1.1 billion to Pakistan, the final portion of a $3 billion loan package. The US spokesperson rejected the suggestion that Pakistan may use the funds for its missile program and encouraged the Pakistani government to prioritize and expand economic reforms to address its economic challenges.

Miller also stated that the US would continue to engage with Pakistan, including technical engagements and strengthening trade and investment ties. The US support for Pakistan’s economic stability is a priority for the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The reaffirmation of US support for Pakistan’s economic stability is a welcome development for Pakistan, which has been struggling to stabilize its economy. The IMF loan package has been a crucial lifeline for Pakistan, which has been grappling with a balance of payment crisis and a high fiscal deficit.

The US support for Pakistan’s economic stability is not only crucial for Pakistan but also for regional stability. A stable Pakistan is in the interest of the US and the region, as it can help address the security challenges in the region.

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