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Google marks Women’s Day with doodle on ‘women supporting women’ theme

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March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the globe every year. Search engine giant Google also commemorates the day by releasing a unique and special Doodle honouring women for their global impact.
Today’s Doodle honoured International Women’s Day by celebrating many ways in which women support women. The vignettes within each “GOOGLE” letter highlight just a few of the many areas in which women around the world support each other to progress and improve each other’s quality of life.
Google, on its website, dedicated the day to the women in positions of influence who advocate for progress across issues central to the lives of women everywhere. “Women who come together to explore, learn, and rally for their rights. Women who are primary caregivers to people of all walks of life. Women who are critical support systems for each other in motherhood.”

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