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Imran writes to Alvi demanding ‘immediate inquiry’ against Gen Bajwa

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Former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday asked President Arif Alvi to “institute an immediate inquiry” against retired General Qamar Javed Bajwa for violating “his oath of office repeatedly” as the army chief.
In a letter dated Feb 14, Imran listed four ways in which the former army chief allegedly violated the Constitution while also referring to Gen Bajwa’s alleged remarks published in a column by Javed Chaudhry as purported evidence for his claim.
Citing Chaudhry’s column, Imran wrote that Gen Bajwa had “admitted to journalist Javed Chaudhry that ‘we’ considered Imran Khan [to be] dangerous to the country if he stayed in power”.
He added that it would be “critical to ascertain” from Gen Bajwa that who did he refer to as “we”. The former premier raised the question, “Who gave him (Gen Bajwa) the power to decide that an elected prime minister (Imran) was supposedly a ‘danger to the country if he continued to stay in power’?”
The PTI chief asserted: “Only the people through elections, can decide who they want to elect as the prime minister. Taking such a right on himself clearly violates his oath as given in Third Schedule Article 244 of the Constitution.”
Imran then listed Gen Bajwa’s alleged admission that he “managed to get NAB (National Accountability Bureau) case against Shaukat Tarin dismissed”.
He claimed this revealed that the NAB was under the former army chief’s “control”, which was “again a clear violation of the Constitutional oath because the army itself is a department under the Ministry of Defence and civilian official autonomous institutions (NAB) do not come [under] military control”.

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