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Indian government calls for celebrating February 14 as ‘cow hug day.’

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The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has issued a notice appealing to people to celebrate “Cow Hug Day” on February 14, claiming the act would foster “emotional richness” and increase “individual and collective happiness”, according to an Indian newspaper.
In its appeal issued to the public, quoted by the paper, the advisory body described Valentine’s Day as the “dazzle of Western civilisation”. It said, “Vedic traditions are almost on the verge of extinction due to the progress of Western culture over time.”
“Because of the immense benefit of the cow, hugging with cow will bring emotional richness and increase our individual & collective happiness (sic). Therefore, all the cow lovers may also celebrate February 14 as Cow Hug day, keeping in mind the importance of mother cow and making life happy and full of positive energy,” the report quoted the body as saying in its appeal.
The welfare board called the cow the “backbone of Indian culture and rural economy”, adding that the animal represents “cattle wealth and biodiversity.”